Stream Live Video on Facebook—Achieve Greater Audience Engagement

How many times a day do you check your Facebook feeds? Now think about how many text-based items you simply skip over but instead, how many videos always seem to catch your attention. Video is unarguably powerful. For one, it’s tempting to watch content in action rather than have to read it. More importantly, the engagement level with video goes up manifold and so does organic reach.

Facebook Now Supports Live Branded Video for Regular Folks

I’m sure you’ve noticed that Facebook has been focusing heavily on video for last several years.  Facebook has even surpassed YouTube in viewerships.  It’s common knowledge that people engage with videos at a higher rate than other forms of content, so Facebook has been giving video priority in their news feed algorithm.  With video reaching a 5% higher rate of organic reach and  better engagement,  it’s time to take a serious look at incorporating some video into your content strategy .

Now the good news, you can now broadcast live video on Facebook! What started out as a test feature available only to public figures and celebrities is now being made available to others, including small business owners and individuals. Although it is not available everywhere to everyone yet, but surely, it is something we can look out for in the near future. It’s very easy— take a look at these step-by-step instructions provided here in the Facebook Help Center

How Your Small Business Can Use Live Video

The biggest advantage of live video on Facebook is that you don’t need a skilled videographer, high-tech video equipment, a fancy set-up for the shoot or even mind-blowing subject matter. A smartphone will suffice! The next time you are hosting an in-house workshop that is likely to generate good content, you can promote it on your Facebook page before the event, consider paid ads to really increase your reach. That will drive more traffic to the actual event, plus, you can engage those who are not able to attend but can log in to Facebook and catch your live video feed. What a great way to grab audience attention!

Or think about that charity event you are organizing for your company’s outreach initiative. With a live video feed, you can motivate more people to attend the next fundraiser and also join the outreach effort itself.

Upcoming product launch? Stream a live video of delighted customers as they try your new product for the first time at the launch event.

The latest models coming in to your car dealership? Create buzz and excitement with live video and get more people coming in to the showroom for test drives.

A Realtor’s open house event can now be a live broadcast with feedback, answering questions in the comments. A video walk-through to potentially more visitors than ever possible in only 30 minutes or less.

The possibilities are endless…


If you need help with live video content and Facebook marketing, get in touch with us at WSI Absolute Marketing Solutions—we can help make your marketing efforts drive greater audience engagement.